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MD Hospital is located in Gangnam, Seoul and has State-of-the-art equipment for best results and patient care.
We are the largest Korea’s specialized breast surgery hospital and at every floor of total 5 floors, facilities and staff are placed for professional service.

  • 4th floor guidance and consultation
  • 5th floor treatment and checkup
  • 6th floor Surgery Center
  • 7th Hospitalization center
  • 8th floor Meeting
    and learning
  • Panoramic view and entrance
  • This is the panoramic view of MD Hospital lobby where patients visiting our hospital always feel warmth.
  • We are providing the best service to patients with bright smile and kindness. We are preparing there will be no difficulties for communication even if foreign patients visit from China or Japan, the U.S etc.
  • You may ask any questions related to breast surgery to a professional coordinator of MD.
    Kind services of professional coordinators with long experiences as well as interpretation services for foreign patients are provided.
  • This is the place where 2nd normal management begins after intensive care.
    Through professionals, MD Hospital manages customers in 1:1 way professionally during their lifetime by using state-of-the-art equipment such as derma plus and Mesosoft etc.
  • The best results can be expected in the pleasant environment and atmosphere. We prepared for customers who visited MD to spend a relaxing time.
  • Care, testing equipment and personnel are located. Through state-of-the-art medical equipment such as breast scanning, digital x-ray etc., the status of individual patients is diagnosed precisely and through it, safe and satisfactory surgery results are produced.
  • This is the place where 1:1 customized consultation with professional medical staff of MD and exact body measurements are made and the surgery method and implants best suited to individual patients will be determined.
  • For patients’ safety and health, we make sure to conduct breast cancer diagnosis through state-of-the-art facilities targeting all patients.
    Also, by conducting pulmonary function test through digital x-ray at the same time, we are pursuing safer and healthier beauty.
  • This is the panoramic view of the breast ultrasound room
  • To accurately check the status of patients before surgery, we are operating Clinical Pathology facilities conducting about 10 kinds of tests such as blood test and ECG, infection test etc.
  • 1st breast care room is the facility improving tactile sensation through intensive care and preventing capsular contracture that may occur at 1 week after surgery. Specialized breast care personnel reside to conduct 1:1 personalized care through state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The surgery center of MD Hospital operated with total 4 operating rooms is a large operating room where general anesthesia is possible. Professional nurses reside in the recovery room within the center to completely cope with emergencies that may occur and the room was designed to prevent safety accidents fundamentally.
  • State-of-the-art surgical facilities of MD are operating the UV disinfection and air purification system to maintain complete aseptic condition as well as high-tech equipment.
  • This is the panoramic view of an operating room where the best facilities and the best breast surgery specialists meet.
  • We are operating a recovery room for recovery right after surgery. Through intercostal nerve block, MD Hospital blocks pain in advance and a patient may leave the hospital on the very day after approximately 4~5 hours.
  • We are operating a recovery room for recovery right after surgery. Through intercostal nerve block, MD Hospital blocks pain in advance and a patient may leave the hospital on the very day after approximately 4~5 hours.
  • For patients who visit from abroad, we are operating various patient rooms from special rooms to triple rooms and have facilities with no discomfort such as installing a large monitor, etc. During hospital stay, 24-hour care services will be provided.
  • This is a treatment room where you can get medical treatment such as dressing, disinfection etc. during the period of intensive care for approximately 2~3 days after surgery.
  • This is a shampoo room where you can experience attentive service of MD. It is operated separately so that patients can use it comfortably during their hospital stay.
  • Through continuously researching attitude, MD Hospital is maintaining its leading position.
    This is the panoramic view of the conference room on the 8th floor where Reoperation Research Center is located and various society activities and activities such as recent papers etc. are made.
  • The representative director as well as medical staff and nurses, all employees are improving their skills through frequent discussions and meetings.
This is the panoramic view of MD hospital located in Cheongdam-dong, symbol of fashion and beauty of Gangnam, the center of Seoul. 4 stories and 8 stories above ground are operated as reception and consultation, medical treatment facilities, surgical facilities, recovery rooms and hospitalization facilities etc. and it boasts the largest scale in Korea as the specialized breast hospital.

  • Please find healthy and safe beauty in MD, specialized breast surgery hospital with the best facilities and best skills.