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  • “The breast examination carried out by MD hospital is more accurate than that of other examination centers. The examination is provided free of charge for patients receiving surgery. ”
  • Breast surgery is unrelated with the occurrence of breast cancer.
    Furthermore, patients receiving breast surgery tend to take a greater interest in their breasts after surgery and receive frequent self-examinations to increase the rate of discovering breast cancer at an early stage. However, it is extremely important to receive breast cancer examination before having breast surgery.
    MD hospital provides all patients with the opportunity to receive breast cancer examination free of charge before undergoing surgery. We at MD hospital strive to examine patients thoroughly before surgery to increase safety and find breast cancer at an early phase to provide patients with appropriate treatment. If requested, we also participate in the reconstruction surgery after receiving breast cancer surgery.

MD hospital breast examination procedure

  • STEP 01. Examination by doctor specializing in breasts
  • General women often find it difficult to distinguish a common lump from a lump formed by breast cancer. Furthermore, the importance of receiving breast examination by a specialist is presented in the study that reported that less than 10% of breast cancer is discovered through doctor’s examination rather than through mammography or ultrasound. In particular, doctor’s examination is very helpful in diagnosing breast cancer in the fine breast tissue of Korean women.

  • STEP 02. Digital mammography screening
  • As the most basic examination method that is used during diagnosis of all breast diseases, mammography accounts for the most important part of the breast cancer examination procedure for women without symptoms. MD hospital increases the accuracy of breast diagnosis through digital mammography, a high-tech device that is used to discover even the smallest lesions hidden within breast tissue.

  • STEP 03. Breast ultrasound examination
  • Breast ultrasound examination can be used to check intangible breast lumps or classify the lumps as cystic or solid tumor. This method is effective in carefully observing lumps in dense breasts diagnosed in mammography of Korean women, who present high density of breast tissue.

  • STEP 04. Biopsy during discovery of tumor
  • If lumps or other problems are discovered in the breasts through consultation or examination, we extract tissue near the breast lesion area to check whether the lump is a cancer cell or a simple benign tumor through the microscope.

Fine needle
aspiration cytology
A fine needle is jabbed into the part with the tumor to extract cells and check for cancer. As a simple examination method that does not require anesthesia, this method helps reduce the pain of patients and prevent side effects. The patient can find out about examination results in a short period and is presented with less financial burden.
Ultrasound-guided core biopsy
(gun biopsy)
This method uses a needle slightly thicker than the needle used in fine needle aspiration cytology and extracts tissue by inserting the needle several times. Although this method presents accurate analysis results, it cannot be used to eliminate the lump.
Mammotome This method can be used to gain an adequate amount of tissue required for breast cancer diagnosis through local anesthesia without surgical operation. The results gained from mammotome present a high level of accuracy that equals the results gained from surgical excision biopsy. Benign breast lesions can be simply removed without surgery. This method has been conducted on over 3 million women worldwide to be verified as a safe method.