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  • “MD breast care center provides systematic, specialized education to help you to maintain beautiful breasts even after returning to your country”
  • The breast care center operated within MD hospital is run by professional breast care specialists. The breast care center provides thorough post-care, including continuous progress check and breast examination. Furthermore, for patients that have visited Korea from abroad, we provide a systematic education to help patients maintain self-care. The first 3 months after surgery is the most important period for preventing the constructed globular form. We at MD hospital breast care center will help you to maintain your beautifully re-created breasts.
  • Hand massage
  • As implants are inserted in the body during breast surgery, capsula is formed in the breasts after the surgery. To prevent the texture from declining by excessive capsular formation and maintain the space acquired during surgery, we provide patients with hand massages administered by skilled experts. Basically, the smooth type requires at least 6 months of continuous massage to gain better texture and natural form. The texture type does not need massages.

  • Mezzo-Soft
  • The adhesion barrier and blood circulation improving agent are inserted into the skin surrounding the implant through the electric ion method to reduce adhesion of tissue and promote soft capsular formation.

  • Dermaplus
  • Dermaplus is an innovative medical device that broadens the gap between cells through electroporation and special electric technology to enable the solution to quickly reach the lower layer of skin and tissue without using needles.

  • Aesthetic care
  • MD helps recover skin damaged through surgery and massage by strengthening the skin protection function and preventing striae distensae through the Aroma breast pack and Placenta breast pack.