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  • “As a hospital specializing in breast surgeries, MD hospital spares no expenses in R&D for its equipment and facilities and has not presented any medical incidents or error since establishment in 2001.”
  • The surgery/anesthesia center of the MD hospital presents top-quality breast surgery equipment. With a professional anesthesiologist, MD hospital provides post-surgery recovery rooms and patient rooms to take good care of the safety and health of patients. Also, we use expensive anesthesia without side effects and carry out blood tests, ECG tests and breast cancer examinations required for general anesthesia within the hospital. We minimize post-surgical pain through the 3-step pain control system and maintain the occurrence rate of capsular contracture to the minimum level by implementing capsular contracture prevention programs during surgery.

Examination process before surgery

  • MD hospital provides a one-stop examination process that consists of blood test, chest X-ray, ECG examination and breast cancer examination for diagnosing breast cancer or breast-related diseases before surgery. The blood test includes the health checkup that examines anemia, liver function, kidney function, diabetes and antithrombotic ability as well as the virus antigen-antibody test that checks whether the patient has AIDS, syphilis or hepatitis B/C.
    The breast cancer examination includes the breast ultrasound and digital mammogram. If an uncertain defect is found, cytoscopy is immediately carried out without additional charge to complete examination before surgery.