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A professional anesthesiologist administers anesthesia at MD hospital, paying careful attention to guarantee safety and comfort of patients. We use the least toxic form of anesthesia that is used in general hospitals and provide a system that minimizes nausea, vomiting and pain after surgery. Furthermore, patients can rest in comfort at the recovery room under the care of personal nurses.

Anesthetic for helping patients to smoothly fall into sleep and achieve quick recovery

  • Seveflurane
  • Seveflurane is the latest type of anesthetic that is least toxic and presents the fastest recovery period among volatile anesthetics. As it is more expensive than other types of volatile anesthetics, it is normally used only in general hospitals. Seveflurane is commonly viewed as the safest type of anesthetic as it does not present side effects in liver, kidney or cardiovascular activity. Furthermore, as Seveflurane does not possess the strong smell presented in most anesthetics, patients can recover their consciousness in comfort without coughing or vomiting.

  • Propofol
  • As the intravenous anesthetic that is most frequently used in outpatient anesthesia, Propofol is highly preferred for its quick recovery without hangover or side effects, such as nausea and vomiting. However, Propofol must be carefully used as patients may wake up during surgery if the anesthetic is misused without specialist observation to cause difficulties in breathing or disrupt appropriate depth of anesthesia. Unlike other plastic surgery clinics, we at MD hospital administer general and sedation anesthesia under the supervision of a professional anesthesiologist to guarantee safety of patients.

Recovery room and patient room managed by professional nurses

  • Recovery room
  • MD hospital operates recovery rooms managed by professional nurses within the surgery center to fully prepare for emergency situations. Patients go up to the patient room after fully recovering their consciousness and mobile ability after surgery.

  • Patient room
  • MD hospital provides a variety of patient rooms ranging from single rooms to 3-person rooms to help patients recover in comfort. Furthermore, we also provide a separate shampoo room for patients.

Latest digital monitor and anesthesia equipment

  • Monitor
  • The monitor can automatically check the complete condition of the patient.

  • Anesthesia equipment
  • MD hospital uses the latest anesthesia equipment installed with a pressure detector for showing whether oxygen was injected in the lungs at an appropriate pressure level.

  • Infusion pump
  • This specialized medical device facilitates consistent drug injection at an accurate speed.

Equipment for quickly responding to emergency situations

  • House power plant
  • The house power plant is operated to prevent electricity cutoff even during sudden power failures.

  • Central gas pressure device
  • Real-time monitoring is achieved by the central gas pressure device to prevent emergency situations with sudden decline in oxygen.

  • Emergency kit
  • MD hospital possesses an emergency kit that includes the laryngeal mask airway and cardioverter.