Bacteria-free operating room

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The most fundamental part for ensuring the safety of the operating room is to maintain a complete bacteria-free condition. MD hospital has constructed the best system from the design stage to block all routes of infection.

  • UV sterilization system
  • After surgery, all spaces within the surgery center are sterilized with the UV sterilization system.

  • Fingerprint verification dual door for restricting visitor access
  • The surgery center can be entered by passing through two fingerprint verification doors. The dual door restricts access of visitors and external supplies and strictly sterilizes all products entered from the outside.

  • Vent system for sucking in fine dust in operating room
  • By establishing a vent system that is normally only built in large hospitals, the fine dust within the operating room is sucked in to purify the air.

E.O.GAS sterilizer and high-temperature steam sterilizer

  • High-temperature steam sterilizer
  • The high-pressure, high-temperature sterilizer reaching above 120℃ presents complete sterilizing effect. This device thoroughly sterilizes the entire operating room and prevents re-contamination after sterilization.

  • E.O.GAS
  • Complete sterilization can be achieved by using E.O.GAS and CO₂.