Correction of inverted nipple

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Cause of inverted nipple

  • Inverted nipple is caused by the lack of supporting tissue below nipples or by ductal development disorder that pulls the nipple inward to block protrusion.

Requirement of surgery

  • 1. If nipples do not protrude even with stimulation and must be pulled out by using hands
  • 2. In case of hygienic problems, such as odor generated by white substances formed in nipples
  • corrective surgery is required for aesthetic purposes, hygienic problems and to prevent breast diseases, such as mastitis or mammary duct ectasia.

Surgical method

  • A 2mm hole is pierced in the basal area of the nipple to increase or cut off the duct to fasten the protruded nipple. Patients must visit the hospital 4~5 days after surgery.

Matters that require attention after surgery

  • For a month, patients must not wear tight underwear or sleep on their stomach to prevent the nipple from being squashed. Possible complications may include breastfreeding disorder and recurrence of inverted nipple. Nipple necrosis may be generated in severely inverted nipples.