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What is breast reconstruction?

Generally, patients with BRCA1 and BRCA2 can selectively implement breast reconstruction. In particular, there has been a tendency to achieve breast incision in stage 0 ductal carcinoma, even if the condition was presented in its early phase. In this case, incision was carried out with reconstruction to get rid of mental stress.

Reconstruction method

Reconstruction methods can be classified into the delay type and immediate type according to period and into the autotransplantation and breast implant insertion surgery according to breast materials.

  • Implant
  • Self-tissue


The surgical method is classified into the following 3 steps. The method can be classified into the delay type and immediate type according to the tissue expander insertion period in step 1. In the immediate type, the tissue expander is first inserted during breast incision for implant insertion. In the delay type, the 1st surgery is carried out 6 months after executing the breast cancer surgery.

  • Step 1. Tissue expander insertion surgery
  • The tissue expander is inserted and the saline solution is gradually inserted to sufficiently expand the breast tissue.

  • Step 2 Replace cohesive gel
  • Tissue expander is removed when the tissue is sufficiently expanded to be replaced with cohesive gel, which presents a natural texture.

  • Step 3. Nipple/areola reconstruction


Reconstruction using self-tissue presents limitations in the reconstructed volume and leaves heavy scarring in the surgical area. Autotransplantation can be classified into 3 types according to the tissue area.

  • Case 1> Use muscle and fat of lower abdomen
  • This case can be divided into two types: case where blood vessel replantation must be conducted and case where tissue is lifted to breasts without blood vessel surgery. This surgery is frequently executed in that it eliminates fat of the lower abdomen and can effectively gain sufficient amount of tissue.
  • Case 2> Use waist fat
  • This method moves the muscle and fat in the waist and back area for breast implants.
  • Case3> Use hip muscle
  • This method cuts out the hip muscle for implant.

Surgical progress and return to normal life

Elastic support bandage must be worn for 2~3 days after surgery and surgical bra must be worn for a month afterward.
Surgery scars may appear red for 2 months but will gradually disappear afterward.
Patients can fully return to their normal life 2 weeks after surgery. Patients must avoid lifting heavy objects or moving their arms excessively for a month after receiving surgery.