Reduction mammoplasty

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Reduction mammoplasty can be largely classified into 3 types according to the size or drooping of the breasts.

  • Vertical incision method (Lejour method)
  • This method can be implemented on large-sized breasts of medium severity and is an appropriate method for most Asian women that want reduction mammoplasty. Although this is a difficult surgical process, it presents less complications and shorter surgical time with increased experience. In most cases, this surgery is suitable for reducing volume below 1000cc.

  • ’O’ shaped incision
  • This method is appropriate for implementing large-sized incision for extremely large breasts. However, this method leaves large scars in the surgical area.

  • Areola area incision method (benneli method)
  • This method can be applied in reduction mammoplasty implemented for slightly asymmetrical breasts without severe drooping. Although this method can be implemented on larger breasts, it is inappropriate for large breasts of medium or high severity in that scarring left on the areola area spreads out to present an ill appearance.

  • [Caution]
  • In some cases, liposuction is implemented for reduction mammoplasty. However, this method is inappropriate as it only removes the internal fat without correcting the outer skin tissue to create droopy, wrinkly breasts.